Monday, January 21, 2008

An Idea, Is Beginning

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An Idea, Is Beginning

A few days ago, i make conversations in messenger with my friend, Tari. One thing which become priority to be asked is an idea.

Actually, it is cliche, and it depends on the writers. If I may share my experience, I always push to my self, my idea must be a unique one. The next question which arise is how to get it?

Then, I asked Tari to mention a thing. Anything near her. "Brooch," typed Tari.

Yup, brooch. Then I ask her again, whom do brooch use or wear by?

Yes, thats right. Women and rich people only.

If we want to tell story about brooch used by rich women, that would be not a unique idea. Then we have to twist that fact. I offering to Tari, how about if that brooch used by poor boy or bagger boy.

Definitly people will be amazed. And from that amazed, will be bring to ask which will be delved our basic idea. Why the exspensive brooch used by the little boy? Is he stolling? Or that brooch is inheritance from his mother, who was a rich women.

From here, an idea can grow up and can directions accordance with our taste. (In this case, I prefer to purpose the story to suspense/thriller stories).

If for writing short story, we don't have to depp to discovered. One more things, we can search anything which corelation with brooch. In internet, books, etc. Mybe we can find out about classification of the stone, what the different with liontin, etc....that is all can be inserted to our story.

Later, our book can be memories by the readers not only a book story but also a book science about brooch.

The ways like this too general in children books. I ever found it when I editing and translating books from Japan. But we have to improvisation, if we're not, Im affraid our story can make our reader bore.

Ok! Just that things I can share to you. Maybe you're have something different about ideas. Let's we share together!

Adapted from millis penulis bacaan anak