Monday, October 26, 2009

Second words... Left the House

Evidently, still many friends who were confused to compose words in order to words became a paragraph. In fact, a word danced that was given by me in fact was enough to be easy to be composed to a paragraph.

For example, you could write a paragraph that was provided a basis for by words danced as follows.

I woke up in the morning with the clear heart. Until now, I only hid the desire to dance because my parents did not permit me to dance. However, in my dream overnight, I danced was as satisfied as the heart opposite the spectator who gave merry hands applause for me.

So, one paragraph only from words danced, didn't it?

OK, now I've tried gave two words for you the bunch became a paragraph.

No need to be confused to think about his relations with first words. For the paragraph whatever you with words "Left the House".

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Many people who asked me concerning the idea. They the difficulty found the idea to write. In fact, I had said that the idea was everywhere.

You could find the idea in the house, in your house garden or even in your seat. Don't thought too far to find the idea. Find the idea concerning available in and around you.

Although already was said by me repeatedly, but still many that were confused. Therefore, I wanted to give you the idea that is DANCING!!

Okay, from unanimous this, developed became one paragraph related.

Tomorrow, I will give again unanimous to continue paragraph today.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why was the Humour Book liked?

Heard "Humour" words, we must be that was visible on our marrow being funny words that could make us laugh, and one of the indications from the feeling happy to be to laugh.

Therefore, the person must like all the forms that entered the category of the humour.

For a writer, this was one factor that could be made the reference wrote in order to be able to make the book that was liked by the reader.

Only a suggestion, did not have made the book that was not liked by the reader if you wanted the production from making the book. If you only wanted to publish the book without hoped the production, then you could make a book that in accordance with your wish personally.

Basically, for the book that was liked by the reader. One of his criteria was the humour.

Books That Were Waited For

To write a book, we must know the book kind what had an interest taken in him by the reader so as the book that we could be for that sold.

Only an information, at this time had several book kinds that often had an interest taken in him by the reader in Indonesia including being the book with the theme of the humour, the motivation himself and sad.

The three books were often looked for by the Indonesian reader who also had the funny character, needed the motivation and liked sad stories.

How with books in your country?

Friday, October 9, 2009

Nov. 9 for Google

The parties to a Google book adjustment that would acquiesce the conception of an all-inclusive agenda library categorical on Wednesday an advancing timeline for modifying the acceding to amuse objections from the Justice Department and others.

After a audition in Federal District Court for the Southern District of New York on Wednesday morning, Judge Denny Chin set Nov. 9 as the date by which Google and its ally charge abide a revised adjustment for the court’s basic approval.

The aboriginal acceding was adjourned amid Google and assembly of the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers, who had sued the company, claiming absorb infringement, afterwards Google began scanning books from university libraries. Afterwards the adjustment was appear aftermost October, it faced hundreds of objections from authors, academics, librarians, accessible absorption groups and ambitious rivals. Aftermost month, the Justice Department recommended that the cloister adios the adjustment as it stood.

The Justice Department, which submitted a 32-page filing to the cloister on Sept. 18, said it was anxious the acceding could breach antitrust law by giving Google “de facto absolute rights for the agenda administration of drop works.” Drop works are books whose authors are alien or cannot be found. The Justice Department additionally said it capital the adjustment to accede with procedures for class-action lawsuits.

But the administration additionally said it hoped the acceding could be adored because of its abounding allowances to readers and scholars.

In an account at the hearing, Michael J. Boni, an advocate who represented authors, said the parties hoped for a final audition on the adapted adjustment in backward December or aboriginal January.

To accommodate that schedule, Mr. Boni asked the adjudicator to acquiesce Google and its ally to abbreviate the aeon for accepting comments or objections from all parties afflicted by the amendments. Adjudicator Chin broadly agreed. “I anticipate anybody has a appealing acceptable abstraction of what is on the table.”

In an account afterwards the hearing, Richard Sarnoff, above administrator of the Association of American Publishers and co-chairman of the American assemblage of Bertelsmann, the ancestor aggregation of Random House, beneath to allocution about modifications to the settlement.

Whether the amendments would be accessory or added significant, Mr. Sarnoff said, “may be in the eye of the beholder.”

Paul Aiken, controlling administrator of the Authors Guild, said in an account that “the amount acceding is activity to break the same.” He acclaimed that it provided abounding amusing allowances in agreement of authoritative it easier to chase and apprehend millions of out-of-print books.

Christopher S. Danielsen, a agent for the National Federation of the Blind, said the adjustment would accompany allowances for the visually broken because the added than seven actor books scanned by Google would be fabricated accessible in audio editions.

Those who objected to the adjustment said they were anxious about the abbreviate calendar for negotiating modifications. In a blast account on Wednesday, Scott E. Gant, an columnist and a accomplice at Boies Schiller & Flexner, a Washington law firm, said he was anxious that the modifications would not abode the across-the-board action he filed with the cloister in August. Mr. Gant said the adjustment did not accord chic associates abundant notice. The amendments were acceptable “to access rather than abate the problems” accompanying to his objections, he said.

Pamela Samuelson, an Internet and absorb able at the University of California, Berkeley, who has led a accumulation of advisers aghast to the settlement, said she additionally had doubts about the timeline. “It’s adamantine to accept that so abundant could change that it would acknowledge to all austere objections,” Ms. Samuelson wrote in an e-mail message.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

To the Writer must Discipline

When deciding to become a writer, we must want discipline in undergoing the activity wrote. If not, then we will feel the difficulty in completing our article.

So that we do not feel we were loaded by the activity wrote, then we must make the schedule and the schedule must be passed through by us with discipline. If we could not discipline, then should not hope could be the great writer.

To the writer indeed was glad if being famous. But, when just studied wrote, then we must work hard, hard and again harder.

It is hoped all of us could discipline and became a great writer.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Traveller veil

Muslims who wore the veil, did not mean them could not travel around the world. Because, wore the veil did not obstruct them to go out and enjoy beauty of this world.

That was sent but also was experienced personally by a Muslims from Indonesia that was named Nadia's Asthma. When I wrote this news, Nadia's Asthma that also a famous writer was being in Rome to give the seminar about wrote. Beforehand, Asthma went round in Geneva, Vienna, Berlin, Paris and now he was in Rome. This proof that a Muslims could also travel around the world, results of wrote.

Where the Position Copyeditor?

Read the comment about Creative Editing, indeed appeared extraordinary if becoming the editor with knowledge and comprehensive skills- -must be needed the hour flew and the acceleration of studying. If has seen like this, the person did not understand and underestimate the function a person copyeditor.

Then, in fact where the position copyeditor? In the publication of the book, clear copyeditor or the editor occupied the position of the staff. In the view of Bowles in his book, copyeditor was placed as the special division below desk-editor or the caretaker of the column (the editor). This division coordinated directly with the reporter or the reporter.

In our mass media, the position copyeditor this was occasionally more unclear was placed in business process -- sometimes- sometimes reduced his role as only proofreaders for the problem of the language or sometimes was placed in the authority of the editor of the language that also only focuses in language.

Creative Editing

Skills wrote and editing creative to like the close relative, was like this it was said by Bambang Trim, a book practitioner in Indonesia. According to him Creative Editing more wide and complex through to be related to content and context.

Creative Editing will bring his interested person in so many competences that must be owned. Bowles in his book of Creative Editing quoted survey copyeditor that was carried out by Ann E. Auman from University of Hawaii and Besty Cook Alderman from University of Tennessee in the network of the national newspaper. Results survey this has been presented in the national meeting of the journalist and the academic of mass communication in Washington DC. Below the ranking of the knowledge territory and skills a person copyeditor that was hoped for:

1. grammar, spelling, and punctuation
2. accuracy and fact checking
3. editing wordiness, clarity and sentence structure
4. general knowledge
5. story structure, organization and content
6. ethical concerns
7. headline writing
8. analytical/critical thinking
9. associated press style and usage
10. cutline writing
11. news judgement and story selection
12. legal concerns
13. understanding numbers
14. mechanics of computer editing
15. layout and page design
16. photo and art editing and sizing
17. newsroom procedure and organization
18. working with wire copy
19. specific section editing (e.g. Sports)
20. coaching/working with reporters
21. software for layout/pagination
22. typography
23. information graphics/visual editing
24. use of color
25. software for graphics/computer photo editing

Saturday, October 3, 2009

In October, his month the publisher in Indonesia (Chapter 3)

In the matter of the writing, quite important trained the writers of the beginner to think creative and more creative in thinking of the book. In this world, in fact in the Indonesian scope was spread our so big the idea ocean, only remained how managed him as in the case of the mineral. The writer must be trained as in the case of the craftsman. And the writing as well as the publication of the book was the creative industry in fact, not the printing house.

Therefore surprised if the printing house that in Indonesia was categorized as the creative industry. In fact, the machine, not humankind, did all printing house creativity. However, the publication of the book precisely had not been talked about as the creative industry, in fact creative ideas in various industries precisely were begun from the writing and the publication.

Came back the matter of the creativity season, it is hoped after Idul Fitri gave the 'new eyes' for us to see Indonesia entirely so as to emerge extraordinary creativity to be written and published. See the requirement for the Indonesian community, saw the community's Indonesian dream, saw the interests of the Indonesian community, and saw Indonesian’s way of thinking. Come on worked.

Bambang Trim was a book practitioner in Indonesia

Friday, October 2, 2009

In October, his month the publisher in Indonesia (Chapter 2)

Discussions with Bang Anton from Agromedia made me seldom fell back. The editor in the period ten years usually achieve the level of the maturity and idealism that crystallized as a result of the creativity lubricant began to be dry to proceed in the wheel of the business. Therefore, ten years, the editors that his creativity lubricant began to be dry must be replaced with that was new -- they who had thoughts more fresh and the lubricant more liquid. Possibly was not wrong to remember the editor's profession indeed was inspired and enjoyed as the established profession. Therefore, the editor then did refugees with experiments of the idealist's book that not pro-the market so as it was considered not creativity has a sale price.

I realized how many publishers who needed the 'new eyes' to control this risky book business in the market course that actually. Several textbook publishers began to turn the course to the business of the public's book although most were still suffering from vertigo to begin. Several small publishers stood, including self-publisher to test fortune from the markets long tail that was spread in several cities in Indonesia.

Two matters that should become the focus to celebrate this creativity season were the writer and the editor. Don't the publisher only was silent was waiting for the inspiration from sky until being acknowledged as creativity. The writer and the editor must be given by education, was motivated to move, and to be given creativity space that was optimal to stimulate the issuing of brilliant works.

Possibly had the brave publisher paid high a person or several people only to fantasies and finally produced the work was abnormal (unique) that received for many people. In the world editing was known that his name development the editor -- they were typical the editor of the dreamer and was active with new imaginations the matter of the book, from beginning the pattern of the presentation of the article, the packaging, to penetration of the abnormal promotion. One of the knowledge that was exact for this was Imagineering (read the Indigostar book) that in Indonesia was developed by N. Syamsuddin Haesy (Bang Sem). I was trying to study him.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

In October, his month the publisher in Indonesia (Chapter 1)

In a moment is October. According to Bambang Trim, in October was during that was waited for by the publisher. Why? In the calculation of the standard of the publication of the public's book, the management of a text will take up time 45-60 days (in general 1.5 till 2 months) with three process times of the editorial plus the development (development editing). Therefore, books for the sale in January 2010 must has been finished in extension November-December 2009.

The cliche question gazed at preparations business the plan and marketing the plan during following years from the director of the publisher was: what trend the book 2010? It was just very legal that we followed trend that was valid. However, trend could be read by understanding the pattern of the behavior, the pattern thought, and the pattern of the progress that happened to the community. Trend did not find it easy to be read just like that without us wrestled with the problem in the reader's community (whether that children, the adolescent, the housewife, and professional) and trend then was not identical to the theme of the centre that must be carried in a book. Then, how could a publisher measure out and consider the title? The editor that played a role in entering the circle of thoughts nature until falling for the prediction of the requirement for the reader's community in Indonesia.

Creativity was most significant words. Increasingly the day was increasingly important thought about leaving the habit (out of the box). Thought how creativity could be eroded from the brain and your noodles of the editors. Thank heavens if the creativity was still residing so as to push the desire to know with researched: What that was needed by the Indonesian community? If being eroded, certainly had the pattern that was wrong in the development of the editorial so as our editors in the certain period solid his creativity to produce quick-selling books or best books.

Was not easy to show publication creativity if not having the foundation of the love, the desire, and skills in the book world from his instigators. Then was not possible if not having the system that was conducive for one appreciation towards creativity. Therefore, the leaders of the publication business might not feel comfortable with the stagnant condition for creativity of the editors or felt had the power to determine publication steps in accordance with his intuition. Business intuition really needed creativity as his antennae and active people technically and in a non-technical manner in the world of the publication was his motivator.