Monday, September 15, 2008

Fun Writing

Yesterday, I going blogwalking and found Ali Muakhir blog. On his blog I read about new book is talking about Fun Writing for children.

I think his book is good for our children which want to be a writer.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vote and Choose your American Seafood Recipe

The first time I visit I was surprised by the site. This site is about American seafood cook off and there are many chefs with their recipes from all over the US compete in the contest. The site also offers many things. The offer that attracted me most is the recipe contest, which offer a trip package to New Orleans. Then I tried to vote for one of American Seafood recipe. I really hope I win the prize that is a trip to New Orleans.

I vote for “Shrimp and Andouille Cassaulet” by Chef Brian Landry from Louisiana. I choose the recipe because it is made from shrimp and I like Shrimp very much. For me, any cooking which made from or one of the ingredients is shrimp, will always taste delicious. Moreover, the steps in the recipe are easy to follow. Not only the steps, which are easy to follow, but the ingredients are also easy to find. Furthermore only a little time is needed to serve the recipe.

In addition, the recipe is using fresh Louisiana head-on shrimp that will make the cooking healthier and more delicious since shrimp has a lot of protein needed by our body. This recipe is “Louisiana seafood” cooking it will always great to try a “local recipe” but “national or even world wide taste”.

For you who love to cook and want to broaden your recipe collection on seafood just visit the site and find your favorite seafood recipe. Moreover you can have a chance of winning the trip to New Orleans prize package by voting for one of the recipe.

Sponsored by Lousiana Seafood