Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creating a Script Story, Same As Making Aircraft

Create a novel that has hundreds or even thousands of pages, requiring hard work and efforts are tireless. Sometimes we are plagued by boredom, feeling tired and dispirited. To address the common problems in writing, there are some things you can do, namely:

Create an outline
Creating an outline before writing the story will help us in arranging each paragraph so that we do not get lost in the confusion when we left the post for a while. Outline also serves as a Rivet is a small but very important in the manufacture of an airplane. Imagine, if the aircraft was not equipped with rivets, the plane would fall out because no one connected with the properly.

Various Kinds Rivet
Make an outline with a variety of themes in it. Such as a rivet that has a different shape, like Rivet solid, semi-tubular Rivet, Blind Rivet, and so forth, you also need to be able to outline factors that have a funny, romantic, action, and others.

The spirit of writing a novel may be smoldering. However, we are human beings who still need a break. Do not force your body to work beyond his ability. Since, it will not make you finish the script you're writing, but it will make you end up in hospital because of illness.

Write back soon
If you feel tired, then you can take a break to give opportunities to your body and your brain to be refreshed. But, after the break and feel refreshed, get to write back. Do not let the comfort that you enjoy makes you forget your targets in writing.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks can be useful to you.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Small Collection of Stories that Become the Big Story

Writing is a creative process that brings together small pieces of the story into a whole big story. This process does not just happen, but through a long process that starts from the determination of the theme, outline, paragraphs, and eventually became a related story from beginning to end.

The strength of a story built by small parts that are mutually reinforcing, such as Flat Washers that have a small size, but its function is vital. You can not create a story without foundation. All things have a cause and effect and the beginning and end. To facilitate the creative process, try to collect the fragments of ideas that you can record in a diary and then bundle the pieces into a story that flows and pleasant to read.

This way I have tried (including writers weapons techniques) and proven to ease me in preparing a story by the number of pages to 100 pages. Remember! A long journey begins with one step short.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Writers Weapons

To be able to write well, a writer must not only be good at stringing words into a sentence which later developed into a paragraph and eventually became a full story can be read by the reader. In addition, the authors also need "weapons", such as computers and of course lighting.

Some writers prefer the secret place and accompanied by a miniature lamps in order to better concentrate on writing. However, there are also writers who need a wide space with great lighting that provides adequate lighting.

Whatever your choice in writing, try to keep writing with your heart, because a blind writer can write a good story even without the light.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The author, Manuscript sells through the Internet

Online sales or commonly known as ecommerce has been done by a variety of products. And it's time, the writers to follow in the footsteps of the producers who sell their products online. What can be sold by the authors? They can sell services to write or make a book online.

By selling online, the authors will practice ecommerce services and save a lot of paper, because the services they offer can be read and corrected online. So, what are you, writers, waiting for? Soon your services marketed online, and be the savior of the world to save paper.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The author, Should Have to Sell and Maintain Quality

After completing a masterpiece, then a writer is considered to have died. This means that the resulting work entitled to be appreciated by anyone who reads it. However, I think a writer does not just die after producing works, but he must still fight to keep his work can be sold as much as possible.

This is similar to a businessman who tried to market their products to consumers. For example, Bottom Seal Bag Making machines, employers will not stop after the engine is first sold, but he will still try to sell the machines that second, third, fourth and so on.

If Bottom Seal Bag Making machine offers the perfect production quality, so a writer must also convince the reader that the work that he wrote is the best work and will impress the reader. So, if you include the author who sells?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Inserting Characters in a Story

Each writer is bound to create a character attached to the characters. Characters that were created to be consistent from the beginning to the end of the story and should not be subject to change. When you create a character, you have to make it as strong as the anchor bolt that will ensure your readers understand the characters that you create.

Based on my experience writing the story, I created a character by taking a few properties myself, my family, my friends or people around me. It is much easier for us than creating a character of a figure of fantasy, because it often changes.

By creating the character of the person we know, then we will be more easily direct the character and develop of the story makes more flowing and acceptable to the reader. That was my experience and maybe useful as solutions for your problems? What about your experience?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Honorarium for Writer

Writing may be a hobby for most people. However, for a writer, writing activities that he did not just a hobby, but also generate money or income. How so?

A writer whose writings or manuscripts published, will get a sales report from the publishers. The number of books sold will impact on the amount of income received by an author. This payment system is also called a royalty. However, there are also writers who get paid every time his writings published in magazines or newspapers. And for that they will get the honorarium.

So, how can the authors be able to immediately receive their salaries? There are several ways. They can accept payment through bank account or through a payment processor serving the usual internet websites such as Five Star Payments.They offer Payment Processing services for retail establishment business and internet websites.