Saturday, March 29, 2008

PayPerPost, The Biggest Paid Review Program

Today, I was very excited. You know why? Because PayPerPost accept me as their member.

Just as you know, few days ago I registered to be a member of PayPerPost after one of my friends informed me about it. He said he could earn money from his blog through PayPerPost.

I was interested and tried to register. First, on several attempts, they rejected my blog, but finally today I received an email from PayPerPost informing that the blog I sent was accepted. I could take Opportunities and wrote about them in my blog.

What actually is PayPerPost?
I am sure you really want to know about PayPerPost.
PayPerPost is the biggest paid review program, today. PayPerPost will pay a posting in our blog or site. Our task is just to post a review or an opinion about a product or services, and if PayPerPost and advertisers accept the posting, they will pay for it.

So, for what will I use the money from PayPerPost?
To live in Indonesia is hard in financial, now. It makes almost all companies must do some efficiencies in all aspects to survive, including to reduce their employees. That’s why, as the member of PayPerPost, I will use the money I earn to run my own business. I hope I will make my life better financially.

Interested? Want to get paid to blog? Just Sign Up to PayPerPost and I hope you can make your dreams come true.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Take Action, Right Now!

How to make a good stories? Many times I have got that questions. And what I says to them? I just says simple thing, "Write stories about what things you like".

Then, I got another questions, "But, I still confuse to make stories based to things I like?"

Hearing this questions, I just smile. Why I smile? Cause many times I answering their questions, their will be come to me and aksing another questions whit the same subject again.

You will always asking and aksing again, before you do what you want to do! Take action, after that you will know how to easy make a stories.

Now, listen to me. I want you make storie about your childhood. Don't ask me, just do it and you will suprised how amazing stories you just made up!

Keep practice!! :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Make $$$ with Payperpost

As a blogger from almost two years, I really don't know if we can make a money from blogging.

Someday, my friend told me if he can get a dollar from reviewing a campaign on his blog. I'm not believe him, but he show me about his statistik. "Oh my good," I said. He's really make money from blogging.

From him, finally I know about Payperpost, the leader Paid Review programs.

My friend said, "From Payperpost, I can get until $500 a month. But, I'm sure, in the future, I would get a thousand dollar!"

"How can I join?" i ask him.

"Really simple. You must have blog already," he answer.

"And then?" I asking again.

"Basically, your blog must:
* Be at least 30 days old, with at least 10 pre-existing posts written in the last 30 days.
* Have chronological archives.
* Contain content that is original to you and the blog.
* Be a text/written content blog, meaning no message boards, websites, IM, photoblogs, vlogs, etc.
* Have only one author.
* Not include 'no follow' tags.
* Be a blog written in the English language. We do make note of any blogs submitted in other languages so we may share those as we encounter Advertisers seeking them.
* Not be a blog kept primarily for earning money.

easy, huh?!" he explaining to me.

So, I browse they website and I signup. Now, I just waiting they're approval so I can make money like my friend. If you want join to Payperpost too, just go here!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Join Entrecard for Buzz your Traffic and Popularity

Besides give a good article, I think I have to use another way to increase my blog so my post would readed by other blogger and more useful.
And here, I use one of many way to increase my visitor/reader to my blog, it is a Entrecard.
Join Entrecard, I reallize I'm not make any mistake. For five minutes I join, I get 10 dropped card and get visitor that can increase my popularity blog.
So, what you wait anymore? Just join Entrecard and buzz your traffic!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Friend on Blog Catalog

I just logging in to my Blog Catalog account when I found a very interesting blog.
The name of that blog is "My Page Was Too White" with various content. I feel the owner this blog is a man with the integrity with his post. I really appreciate what he post in his blog. But, first post I read make me sad, just like the tittle in his post "What A Sad Day".
In his post, Jacob Diggle (the owner) was write about his las post. It's because he must return to school and he has decided to suspend his posting temporarily.
I hope, Jacob could posting again, as soon as possible.
I'm waiting your posting, buddy!

My Claim Post to Technorati

I just lost my password to Technorati and I was reclaim my blog to them. So, I asked to claim my blog any several way.

I choose to claim my blog by PostClaim methode, and here my post.
Technorati Profile

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Language for the Story of Child.

For the short story of children, utilize the simple Ianguage and is easy to understood by them. Language of glass Supposing of at window. Idea and story is view of outside there. If we write with the complicated Ianguage and twist the, reader cannot enjoy the idea and story which we write. Hence, continue to exercise to write to reach the good storey;level in have Ianguage, specially Ianguage write.

The other way so that Ianguage ability write we mount is multiply the our reading amount. More and more we read, will becoming there are also many 'kosakata' which we permeate. Trainedly it in writing, will progressively mount also our ability in arranging diction.

Diction of not merely simply to chosen the quip. Diction also can clarify the idea. Even, diction also we can wear for the memperindah of story. Become, enrich continued by a word exchequer which we have and doing in writing.

Don't worry to write by plural's diction. Child need the us infect by immeasurable of 'kosakata'. Don't look down to the ability permeate the children Ianguage. As long as we put down it at real correct sentence and correct context, 'kosakata' which seldom be used even also comprehensibility by them.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Goes to "Penulis Cerita Anak" Blog!

A few minutes ago, I just going for blogwalking and found the blog which the contents just similar with my blog. Name of blog is Penulis Cerita Anak and use Indonesian language. Fortunately, I can understand Indonesian language for little sentence.

I like this blog because many information I can get from there.

I am really recommend to everyone whos looking for resource about writing to this blog. You're gonna not dissapointed. I'm proof it. :)

Tips for Make Short Story and Deliver it to Publishing #2

3. Don't have awaited the short story loaded, newly send again. Long queue enough. And many short story writer certifiable child.

4. Assuring our copy of short story, because several times I find the missing copy... We better write down in covering letter, if in one year our short story there is no news, hence us will abstract the short story. Hereinafter we can throw to other magazine, news paper or publishing.

5. Follow the race which is carried out by a the magazine, because opening opportunity of name of we is recognized by Editor. Yes.... do not recognize then do not love, huh?!

6. Remain to spirit!

That's all tips from me. I hope helpfully.

Tips for Make Short Story and Deliver it to Publishing

Hai All!! We meet again. Like I promise before, I will tell you tips for make the short story of children and deliver it to magazine and news paper or publishing.

Heres the tips :)

1. Study first short story loaded in magazine we to send. Thereby we can know the its reader appetite and its editor appetite. Including the amount of page we which must make.

2. Deliver some short story at the same time in one envelope, with the story which vary, goodness of setting and also its story type.

to be continued .....

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Short Story in Children Magazine#6

6. Momentum short story:

This is story relate to the certain momen, for example short story of about fasting, short story 'lebaran' or Moslem Day's, short story about Independen Day, etc.

To this type of we better make the special sign of right do angle; corner to the short story face page; yard made, for example "Short Story of Kartini Days" (in Indonesia).

So that the the Editor can immediately know that our short story, short story of momentum of Kartini Day. Don't send the short story of momentum too casquette. Labouring at least 3 previous month.

Yes, so introductory first to short story in children magazine...

Later, I will tell you some tips to make the short story of children and deliver it to magazine or news paper.

to be continued....

Short Story in Children Magazine#5

5. Short story of Futuristik: From its name, we can know that this short story take the setting of future time.
For the recognition of technological, this short story very well to be developed. Constraint in tilling this short story is the way of pouring technological idea to easy understood by children.

Again, to be continued....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Short Story in Children Magazine #4

4. Short story Comedy:

This is spiced short story of story smell the komedian.

Sometime any little peace of fantasy element smell the fable. Just Downright, myself rather difficulty write the short story of this type of.

to be continued....

Short Story in Children Magazine #3

3. Short story Mystery/Horor:

This short story also draw the special and have private place enthusiasm in some children media ( in Fantasy Magazine or Ino Magazine).
Its Story sometime rather irrational and mistical bebrabau. But I remain to of opinion that mystery story of this type of can possible avoid the matter smelling 'klenik' from children. Reader earn the us dribble to through the metaphysics viewpoint owning decomposition more sensible.

to be continued....

Short Story in Children Magazine #2

2. Short story Mystery/Detectif: This short story is also liked, because inviting to feel vexed.

But that way case solved by non big something that, just take for example: loss of pencil in the class, thief at home side, shadow between two lights, etc. Because page limitation, author have to have the trics to arrange the short story to be remain to draw. Generally this short story is direct opened by conflict (its case), then investigation, expression, and arrest of the perpetrator.

to be continued..... :)

Short Story in Children Magazine

Short story it's true ever draw to be consumed by the children. Because its contents which variatif, sometimes walke the story represent the refleksi aktualisasi from children life. So that they likely read their own story. Sometime, short story also give the solution to the unresolved problema children. Because immeasurable it form short story in magazine of exist in Indonesia, following I divide into some type (could probably expand):

1. Short story Realist: this short story which is at most written and become the mains to genre of other type short story for children.

Tell a story the everyday children life problem. Either in family environment, neighbour, friendship, go to school, or precisely les, vacation place, etc. This short story is easy to made for the beginner of because the formula also can be made modestly, namely : opening, conflict, solving of conflict ( usually by entangling byword figure; teacher, ortu, etc). Just for example a child which like the fad convert the content of his/her bag friends in a rest time, then he hated by his friends; then got across the (conflict), but he persist its. Until then his friends try to animal will be daunting of. Then when the this boy convert the its friend bag content, sudden in it there is frog.... he scream the fear, pale! Even faint. Solving of conflict? Not yet.... The teacher can be involved... and say, that ignorant of friend of there is its boundary, both for the fearing frog and also its friends....

to be continued.....

Monday, March 10, 2008

A Writing Tip from Journalism Professor Peter Jacobi

This morning, I open my e-mail and found a new massage from my friend with the subject: A Writing Tip from Journalism Professor Peter Jacobi.

I want to share this e-mail to you because I think this e-mail is very good for us.

The necessity of voice—with writing we cannot ever become someone else. Yes, we can learn much from other good writers and, I guess, from bad writers, too. We can emulate the good ones, but ultimately if we are to succeed, we must discover and disclose our own voice, our own sense of style, our own particular embrace of language and information.
Consider by way of explanation, by way of definition, these words: authentic, no formulaic, rhythmic, properly detailed, nuanced, musical, magical, bone-and-sinew touching. Consider the show-verses- tell concept. Consider noun-and verb-cantered writing. Consider experiential closeness. Consider the startling, the inescapable, the visual, the conversational, and the different with a purpose. Consider the vital and the energetic. Consider writing that pulses with a heartbeat of the writer—his soul, her personality—something that cannot be duplicated because it comes from within a someone.
This tip comes from a general session given by Peter at the Highlights Foundation Writers Workshop at Chautauqua. If you'd like to learn from Peter in person, join us for the 2008 workshop. Find out more at
Please feel free to forward this e-mail to others who might want to see this writing tip.
Peter P. Jacobi is professor emeritus of journalism at Indiana University and a consultant with magazines and corporations, helping CEOs, writers, and editors learn to express their ideas more effectively. His articles have appeared in World Book, The New York Times, Highlights, and others. His two guidebooks, The Magazine Article: How to Think It, Plan It, Write It and Writing with Style: The News Story and the Feature are standard reference sources for journalists.
The Highlights Foundation
814 Court Street
Honesdale, PA 18431
Phone: (570) 253-1192

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fiction: Re-Writing, Translating, Adapting, and Writing Masterpiece

Sometimes, when I wish to write fiction, I rather confuse how to start it. The problem is that I frequently find, there are many kind of fiction written, start from rewriten fiction, translated fiction, adapted fiction and so on. One of my friends then told me some tips dealing with it. Below are some tips I remember:

1. Rewriting
The fiction whichis written not based on our own idea. We just re-write the story. Mostly the fictions are folklores in the society which are difficult to traced who the author is, Sangkuriang, for an example. We can re-write the folklore, ofcourse in a better version.

2. Translating
The fiction is a translation of fiction from another country of foreign fiction. For novice authors translating fiction is a good start to write a fiction. From this point they may learn so many things dealing with fiction including idea exploration. As long as the fiction has a good story and it's not published yet or is unfamiliar to he society, the publisher such as children magazine will easily accept and publish this kind of fiction.

3. Adapting
For some fiction author, they are not satisfied if the are just simply translate the foreign fiction. Hence, they are adapting the fiction from another country. For example, a fiction from China will be different in their hand. They may adapt the story and take Javanese culture as the setting, change the name of the characters and finally it become a new fiction. Therefore, the author of such fiction should honestly state the source in the new fiction.

4. Writing masterpiece
The idea of the fiction is our own idea and we are free to state our name as the author of the story. Sometimes, maybe we are not so sure with the diction, evenles if the fiction take a far away country as the setting of the fiction. To convince the publisher we may state that the fiction is original and is written based on our own idea.

Then the next question is about fiction with famous characters in it, such as Kabayan, Abunawas, and other cunning character. For those kind of fiction, the author may take it as someone's masterpiece so that they can rewrite, translate, adapt or even take it as their own masterpiece.