Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Small Collection of Stories that Become the Big Story

Writing is a creative process that brings together small pieces of the story into a whole big story. This process does not just happen, but through a long process that starts from the determination of the theme, outline, paragraphs, and eventually became a related story from beginning to end.

The strength of a story built by small parts that are mutually reinforcing, such as Flat Washers that have a small size, but its function is vital. You can not create a story without foundation. All things have a cause and effect and the beginning and end. To facilitate the creative process, try to collect the fragments of ideas that you can record in a diary and then bundle the pieces into a story that flows and pleasant to read.

This way I have tried (including writers weapons techniques) and proven to ease me in preparing a story by the number of pages to 100 pages. Remember! A long journey begins with one step short.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Writers Weapons

To be able to write well, a writer must not only be good at stringing words into a sentence which later developed into a paragraph and eventually became a full story can be read by the reader. In addition, the authors also need "weapons", such as computers and of course lighting.

Some writers prefer the secret place and accompanied by a miniature lamps in order to better concentrate on writing. However, there are also writers who need a wide space with great lighting that provides adequate lighting.

Whatever your choice in writing, try to keep writing with your heart, because a blind writer can write a good story even without the light.