Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tools that Support Success Task

Day of the week yesterday, I was invited by my uncle to a military airport. Incidentally, my uncle was a pilot that will test new aircraft. I was amazed to see a variety of combat aircraft and sophisticated equipment that is owned by the air force.

According to my uncle, in addition to pilot skills, a range of equipment also supports the success of an assignment in the air. Among those supporting the success of the Mil Spec Wire is used in aerospace, military and commercial applications.

As a writer, my mind immediately drifted and assembles the pieces of the events that would later become a book manuscript about a fighter pilot as well as support tools including Mil Spec Wire.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The author of Getting Soccer Trophies

Each field must have criteria in determining success. This applies both in the field of sports and authorship. A soccer athlete who has been collecting a lot of goals, or the team that managed to become champion in a competition would get a trophy. If the football team get Soccer Trophies, then the author will receive an award directly from the reader through the purchase of a book that makes Best Seller.

The purpose of each author in writing the book was poured imagination, ideas or their thoughts, while the appreciation of the public to the work of the authors is the purchase of books or appreciation in the form of review. So, either sportsmen or authors have had the form of awards each. However, it could be a writer to get Soccer Trophies that may be because the author is writing about the sport of football.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Become a Great Writer Like Teflon

Being a writer does not just need the ability to string words. It must also have the ability to control emotions. This is because not all authors have works that are able to enter into the category of Best Seller books.

This inability sometimes erode the spirit and the ability of a writer and eventually, the author has stopped writing. If I may suggest, the authors who have not been able to create a book that comes into the category of Best Seller, should continue to fight and cultivate soul Teflon.

Teflon soul I said do you mean literally, like Teflon fabrics. But, try to interpret these words as a trigger that you have a mental spirit like Teflon. You know Teflon, is not it? Some current cookware is made of Teflon, and the mothers are also looking for cookware that is made of Teflon because it is not sticky, strong, and durable.

As a writer, you must have knowledge in order to create a unique work, you also must be strong to write for days, weeks or even months. Therefore, be a great writer like Teflon.