Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writing is Art (II)

More far if we entered in the Neuro Linguistic Programming concept (Programming words in the nervous system) that was introduced by Dr. Richard Bandler and John Grinder during the 1970 's, we then found the connection wrote as art at the same time skills lived.

NLP briefly him said that anything that entered the body someone, both verbally and non-verbally (both by himself and the other person), will become the program in nerves someone. In other words, in fact the behaviour of humankind was results aktivasi of the habit (habits) or the available program on the brain someone.

For example, if someone always failed wrote, then afterwards he was thoughtful in his marrow of a sentence: “I could not write. ” That words in an occurring manner was thought about and it was said will be programed to a characteristic or the character so as this person really could not write for the length of his life, except for being carried out pemograman repeated.

Therefore, NLP could be used to program repeated (reprogramming) as therapy or counselling changed something that was bad became good. NLP assumed that content obeyed the structure and not opposite —like writing the book that content obeyed outline (the framework of the article).

NLP personally because of using the language or words in practice for me was art programming the language as in the case of wrote (art arranged and plaited words). I then believing that wrote including means of activating or practising NLP. But, this book not will discuss the theory or the NLP practice through wrote despite in one sub-chapter was tried by me expressed the creative process hynoptic writing in the style of Joe Vitalae. I only wanted to show the strength wrote as art (beautiful and useful) that had the strength or the difference power for somebody— his writer and the reader.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Writing is Art

Writing is art. Therefore, the capacity wrote often also was connected with the capacity literature. In the world of literature was known by the principle dulce and utile that was significant beautiful and useful.

The literary work preferably filled the principle as beautiful and useful art. The writer's expression by arranging or plaiting words to something that was significant from beginning to be light, explicit, to deep could be categorised as the art expression.

This expression of art of words if being connected in 8 theories of multi-intelligence (multiple intelegences) Howard Gardner entered the category of linguistic intelligence.

This linguistic intelligence could have developed since childhood as the excessive capacity that was owned by a child. Therefore, we might not surprised if having the child still was seven or eight years old could have written the short story, in fact wrote the book!

to be continued....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are Not the Person Failed

Although education in the school failed to print us to the writer, we not the person failed. Still had time to train us with the capacity wrote—including the important capacity in this information age.

If at this time the world of the internet enabled us to have facilities web personal, blog personal, in fact a personal space had a name friendster or facebook, could you express thoughts as well as your capacity without the article? You really needed the capacity wrote if not wanting to face many failures in the expression, the creation, and the innovation.

This just call name the dream comes true ... You must make it true after being aroused from being sound asleep that writing the book was difficult. Remembered once more: not easy, but tactical. Was not difficult, but was full of the determination and the struggle. You not the person failed, you definitely could be wrote the book.