Saturday, September 18, 2010

To be Writer

Many people think that became a writer really was difficult. This because of the work wrote was regarded as the work that not everyone could carry him out. In fact, according to me, became a writer was the activity that everyone could carry him out. Did not believe?

Please write the activity that has you did for one today. Wrote used your language personally. In a period less than ten minutes, you all could definitely carry him out. Was easy, not?!

Then, why many the people that felt was difficult wrote? All that because they were people who did not like a process. All the works. All the activities in this world needed the process. There was no matter that suddenly was opposite us. All of them needed the process. To humankind then needed the process, so also with a writer. Initially, he will write any that he knows. Afterwards, he will begin to be studying to write a story that will be read by many people. The good writer will try wrote completely, so, when the perfection was gained by him, then the success will also approach him.