Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The benefit SocialSpark for Mommy Bloggers

Since stopping from her work, my wife only took care of the child and did the work of the other housewife.

From a career woman afterwards became the housewife made her stress and lost hope. As the woman, he also wanted to be useful and help the production of the household.

One day, I informed an activity that could reduce stress that was suffered by her. She asked me, "What?"

"Blog," replied I. "By carrying out the activity blog in the Internet, you could distribute the hobby of writing you." Moreover, you could also produce money."

"Got money? How can?" asked my wife was curious.

I began explained about SocialSpark, a program paid reviews belonging to Izea that also the owner PayPerPost.

I also suggested so that herself wanted studied SocialSpark in a gathered manner as member in the program but also gathered in mailing list they. Why must gather with mailing list? Because in mailing list this we could receive more clear and complete information.

Moreover, we could also ask directly to member that more previously gathered with SocialSpark but also could share the experience with member other.

As a mother who carried out the activity blog in the Internet, my wife currently no longer experiences stress because of feeling again useful for the family.

All this was told by me not to arrogant, but so that you the mothers who carried out the activity blog in the internet also knew the benefit from SocialSpark that was open for who, in fact for a mother like you.

What you waiting for? Immediately gathered with SocialSpark!

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to make Article that was Good, Interesting and Awakened

One of my friends who was named Jonru gave several tips so that our article interesting and awakened.

In this article, he said that many questions concerning the method wrote that was good from friends who just began written. All that could be overcome with:

1. Continued to practise wrote
Don't had stopped wrote. Because wrote that as driving the car. It was increasingly high that the hour flew you, then your expertise then will increasingly good.

2. Hard-working Read
Read quality books. If our body was compared the "writer's factory", then input him - including being the reading material, and output him (or the product that was produced) was the article.
Therefore, the activity read for a writer was very important.
Our article will often be coloured by the reading material kind that was devoured by us. When you hard-working read teenlit, then you will become a writer teenlit. When you hard-working read the opinion in the newspaper, then you will become a writer of the opinion.

Was like this henceforth.

Tips above possibly was impressed very simple. But, believed! The method above when being practised seriously, sometime in the future you will find one -in fact possibly many- the startling fact.

Friday, June 6, 2008 the Most Attractive Paid Review Program

Almost two months I’m become a member SocialSpark.

Much easiest this program offered that. From the registration to payment to review that have we posting in blog/our site.

A few months ago, I wrote about SocialSpark in this blog. According to me, SocialSpark had several surpluses compared with the similar program that is in bargaining opportunity.

In SocialSpark was gotten by 3 types opportunities, which are Sponsored Post, Blog Sponsorship and Spark.

1. Sponsored Post. Like the other program, in this first choice we were required reviewing a site that was chosen by us and when being agreed to, then advertiser will pay review we this.

2. Blog Sponsorship. This second choice for me was a unique choice and was different from the other program.
When we chose the type blog sponsorship, then every time blog we were visited by the person, then a bar will emerge underneath browser and will give the explanation of details about whoever became the sponsor blog/our site on that day.
Oh, the other profit for us was blog sponsorship paid us every day.

3. Spark. This third choice was the choice that was mutually beneficial between blogger that one and that was other.
When we chose Spark, then we could reviewing blog/the site of the other person and in accordance with the agreement then the person that too would me-review blog/our site.
This third choice according to me was very beneficial to develop the popularity blog/our site.

And still many profits and other surprises that were offered by SocialSpark. I has proven, how about you?

Was curious? Just direct sign up here and proved personally.

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