Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Met Idul Fitri

In the month that was full of this blessing, sometimes the quality of our religious duties increasingly decreased. That was caused by our thoughts more for the world, starting from when buying clothes, the cake and other food as well as coming home back to the village.

However, anything that, I only wanted to would like to congratulate Idul Fitri Days. Please forgive any bad thoughts and actions.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Overcame Writer Block

Often we experienced kebuntuan during wrote or that normally is acknowledged as Writer Block.

All the writers had experienced this. However, depended to respectively the writer to overcome him.

There were those who overcame him by means of going for a walk, played game, gathered with the family, sleep et cetera.

For you yourself, definitely you who more knew the method overcame your boredom.

It is hoped beneficial!!

The Spirit Wrote

Cultivated the spirit wrote really was difficult. But maintained the spirit wrote, that more had again difficulty.

Many writers who failed and stopped on the way because of could not take care of his spirit in order to not turn away from the activity wrote.

During felt lost the spirit wrote that, better you forgot for a moment about wrote. Moved further away from all the forms that regarding wrote. Let the body and your thoughts were clean from the activity wrote, and when you felt missed with wrote, immediately to write, wrote and wrote. It is hoped beneficial!!