Monday, July 6, 2009

Living on Arizona

Until now you only read and read what I wrote without knowing who and from where I came.

Now, I want to introduce to you about myself. I was blogger from Indonesia. A tropical country that was very beautiful with the temperature and ideal humidity.

In Indonesia were two the season that is the rain season and hot season. During the rain season, air was felt very very cold and when the hot season air was felt very hot.

I so be reminded an area in America that had the weather be the same as in my country. This area was Arizona.

Arizona was also known as the tropical area and in his development to become the area of the aim of the tour. One of the places that became the expenses destination and the tour was Scottsdale. As the developing tour destination fast, Scottsdale continued to tidy up. The development continued to be increased especially for accommodation and the residence.

If I was successful in this online business, I wanted to go to Arizona and constructive real estate in Scottsdale. The life in Arizona that was beautiful, became the owner from various real estate and happy. Apparently that was the pleasant living plan. Was interested?

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