Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Favourite Scent

My work at this time as a writer freelance, prosecuted me to always be outside the room in an effort to look for the data for my article.

In fact could I looked for information in the room through the internet, but I more liked to interact with the other person so as my article will more live compared to when I only took the reference from the internet.

As a man that always activity outside the room, I always sweated and made me worried will dismiss the not delicious smell.

So, I needed Scent that could reduce the not delicious smell but also smelly fresh so as I continue to be able to the activity. In the perfume election, I more liked to choose smelly perfume fresh to show that I the happy person to activity outside the room.

For me was smelly the flower only for the woman, therefore I did not use him. The men ought to choose to be smelly that more fresh and male. Was smelly that too much sting also not I liked.

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