Friday, November 20, 2009

Twentieth words... Time

Often the writer of the beginner complained that they did not have be enough time to write. In fact, time that was owned by them in fact a large number of, only they could not arrange their time so as they as not having time to write.

Often also I said that, as our writer must discipline in using time. If you worked from 08.00 to 17.00, then you could write after eating dinner. My friend often wrote in struck 3-5 at dawn, because he worked from 08.00 to 17.00 and finally he could also complete one novel.

I was, sure you could also arrange time so as could write around your activity.

Now, used Time words as the compiler's words of the next paragraph.

Got $100 from PayPal Wishlist

In living, we needed the aim so that continue to the spirit. To maintain the spirit, must have something that was fought for by us so that we do not lose hope. That was Wishlits.

Wishlist this contained things that were wanted by us if our work was finished. For example the House, Laptop, Handphone, the holiday ticket et cetera.

To bring about our wish, PayPal held the program of PayPal Wishlist that will give $100 to us if we wanted to join this program. How joined this program. Was easy, you only necessary click Waishlist words were supervised this.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nineteenth words... Glasses

In Indonesia had a song was entitled glasses that had been popular in 1980. The song could be in the peak of the ladder of the song in radios for several months.

If during this we used 2009 Glasses words as auxiliary words in compiling the paragraph, I the feeling not the problem, not? Because glasses will not be obsolete and in each time always was needed.

To make the paragraph by using glass words, you could imagine a banquet, or dinner or ate in a garden. Basically, glasses could be used by us in each sentence that be connected with ate or the emotional situation.

The example of one paragraph that used glass words.

At that time, I could not have kept my emotions, glasses that was on my hands then finally flew and bashed his nose. I felt I was touched on because he said that I couldn’t complete the paragraph used glass words. In fact, I just wrote a paragraph that inside used glass words.

How, was easy not to make a paragraph be based on unanimous?

Eighteenth words... Angry

In a story, we must occasionally insert the emotional element so that we said more was glad being read.

A story that did not have emotions will be remained by his reader. Inserting a paragraph that had the element of emotions better changed the just very flat story.

So, we angry words used these eighteenth words. So, angry you and used emotions of the anger to compile an emotional paragraph.

Seventeenth words... Success

Seventeenth words were Success. You must want the success in each matter, mustn't you? So, if making the paragraph with success words, you must be would not the difficulty.

If you had difficulty compiling the paragraph, I suggested that you closed your eyes and afterwards thought about the success. You might think about the success of the life or the other success.

The last few days, evidently still many that asked me about the method of words that was used by me. I answered all the questions with one answer, which is that in fact everyone could use this method of words.

You could use words that you chose personally to compile the paragraph. However, often the election of words that was carried out personally precisely made us could not make a paragraph. Believed or not, if we took words that was thrown by the other person, then we would fast compiled a paragraph from the words. Did not believe? Proved personally.

Sixteenth words... Repeating

OK, now we have to sixteenth words that are Repeating.

The sixteen words that has been given by me till at this time was the symbol of sixteen days that has been passed through by us, and that meant us had sixteen paragraphs. I gave several examples of the production of the paragraph to the previous article, and I feel you could be better than me to make the paragraph from a word.

No need to be embarrassed, minder or worried our article was ugly. It was important that we continued to try and sharpen our capacity to write something that was better.

Fifteenth words... Astro Boy

Hore!!! Astro Boy was turned in the cinema all over the world.

You the lover of the leading figure of the comic named Astro Boy this must be will not pass this good film, not? So, for fifteenth words, why didn't we use Astro Boy words? Greeted, not?

So, one of the keys in finding words in the production we said. Might not think too complicated. Find simple matters available round us. Make the words the servant for us to write a story.

Was easy, not?

Fourteenth words... Email

Utilise Email words as the root word to compile the sentence into a paragraph.

Email words, I feel the public's words that really found it easy to be used to the sentence and afterwards was compiled into a paragraph.

If you experienced the difficulty in compiling the paragraph, read again paragraphs that have you for, possibly will help you to make the new paragraph by using Email words.

Thirteenth words... Go to School

OK, for these thirteenth words, I gave words "Go to School".

Why did I choose these words? There was no reason why I chose these words, but according to me, a story that was drawn in my marrow said that I must put words "Go to School".

Why? Did not need to ask why? Took these words and for a paragraph.

Later, you will know personally his benefit.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Writer the Child's Story

During did blog walking, I found one blog that was interesting. The use related as his delivery media made blog this was very unique and interesting to be read.

Inside this blog, I often got the reference for my article as well as knowledge that not yet were known by me. Unfortunately, this blog spoke Indonesia. But, I was lucky because I could understand and read Indonesian.

At one time I wanted to ask for permission from the owner blog this to write the available article inside blog this in English. You could visit to blog this with pressed link along with.

The Writer the Child's Story

Twelfth words... The Computer

After using the adjective as the foundation of the compilation of the paragraph, this time we will utilize technical words as the foundation of the compilation wrote a paragraph.

Although not a computer expert, I think you’re would not the difficulty because of the computer became part of our life was everyday. And definitely you read my article in front of the computer, not?

OK, immediately played your fingers above keyboard the computer and wrote a paragraph used computer words.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eleventh words... The Beautiful Day

The Beautiful Day, was eleventh words that must you the bunch became a paragraph.

No need to fantasise concerning beautiful days that once you were natural because to write something that was beautiful and pleasant usually does not need hard efforts

Be enough to close his eyes for a moment and I was sure you could write one paragraph was based on Beautiful Day words.

Proved! Right Now!

Tenth words... Clever

After compiling the paragraph with Patient words.

This time, you will compile a paragraph used CLEVER words. I was, sure these tenth words will not cause difficulties for you.

If from the beginning or your first words felt the difficulty compiled words in order to words became the paragraph, I was convinced together with passing of time and the exercise that has you did uptil now through to ninth words. Then, tenth words will become words that really found it easy to be composed to a sentence and afterwards to the paragraph.

So, I was waiting for your paragraph.

Ninth words... Patient

Patient words, was chosen by me not only for ninth words in the series creative writing. However, I also aimed patient words at you who tried to write.

Often, the writers who just studied wrote only had the spirit in the beginning of the period then. When was in the middle of the period, suddenly the spirit was lost and their focus no longer to wrote, but to another thing that was faster produced money for them.

Therefore, patient, really was needed in wrote.

Are you patient enough in undergoing the process wrote that was long?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Eighth words... Studied

According to some people, learned to be the boring activity.

However, if we hard-working studied then we will be increasingly clever.

Learned to mean to study something that was not yet known by us. From the analysis that was given by me, should you could have made one paragraph or even only from studying words.

So, proved!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Seventh words... The mobile phone

This time, I will not write the long sentence and explained about creative writing.

I feel that mobile phone words have really been known and you would not the difficulty used him in compiled paragraph. At this time the mobile phone became the requirement in living we.

The person who did not have the mobile phone often it was said as the person who did not have the life. Strangely isn’t? But so the fact is.

Therefore, used mobile phone words in compiled paragraph definitely will not cause difficulties for you, not?

Sixth words... Light

A sixth word that was utilised by us in the method of words that was part of the series creative writing was light.

These words had many developments in his use. For you who were compiling the fairy tale story or the miracle could develop light words into the magic lamp or miraculous light. In the meantime, for that was writing fiction or non-fiction could develop light words into studying light, garden light, traffic light et cetera.

Was easy, isn’t? Therefore became the creative person in fact was not difficult. Moreover studied creative writing, if we had the imagination then creative writing will be easy to be applied by us. Stay studying wrote!

Fifth words... The ventilator

I liked to receive the email from several readers blog this that stated that they really were helped by this method of words.

I hoped, after several times followed this method of words they can continue paragraph-paragraph following without help from blog this. However, if still felt necessary help blog this for the process creative writing, then please continued read blog this because I will continue to help you with this method of words.

The uniqueness from this method of words of being who and when I, they that just found or for a long time has read blog this continued to be able to compose words from this method of words, because of this method did not mount and did not know the deadline or the beginning term and the end.

May apart from the readers who sent the email to me, the reader who did not send the email then also receive the same benefit.

My aim introduced this method of words in the part creative writing was to help not to look for money.

I have felt quite satisfied if you could complete a story with help of this method.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Fourth words... Sleep

Today I just water the crop with my wife. Afterwards I rested for a moment while watching television. Not was felt I also fell asleep and woke up the next day.

Suddenly I received the new idea for fourth words that is sleeping! Was easy not? To creative writing we might not think too far.

Be enough to make use of the available situation in and the experience that was experienced by us.

Now you could make paragraph following with Sleep words.

Evidently, creative writing is not that difficult as that you think, is it?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Third words... Finding Soul mate

How with paragraph-paragraph that has you for? Already from was seen as a series related. From two paragraph this you could make paragraph-paragraph other? If still has not, I will continue to help you with third words, that is Finding Soul mate.

For paragraph the three by using words Finding Soul mate.

Remembered!! No need to be connected with words beforehand. Let paragraph you flowed the way it is.

Later, in the following stage just you could unite paragraph-paragraph this and polished him to a series related that was good to be read.