Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fiction: The Infinite Story

In early I write, fiction charcoal is not easy work.
I cancelled sending several fiction I have written, to magazine. I think, my masterpiece is not as fanciful as existing folklore.
Afterward, I classify publicized fable based on their form, namely:
1. Folk Tale: This fiction is the form wich I like since my childhood.
In Indonesia there are so many fiction classified to folk tale. Such us Sangkuriang, Lake Toba, Malin Kundang, and so on. It seems that most of fictions in Indonesia take the origin of either name, place, or thing as their background. I my self wrote some of it, its title is "Nyi Koneng", about the origin of a very useful turmeric. It takes Pasundan or West Java as the setting.
2. Fairy Tale: This fiction tells fairy story.
To whom has read Cinderella, I'm sure it's easy to classify fiction belonging to this group. I called it miracle story. It is because in this type of fiction anything could happen. Mostly the setting of the fiction is beyond aour imagination and to create by the author. Its true that in fiction the author can create anything beyond logic as said by Khalil Gibran that children's fantasy is boundles. Their imagination can go anywhere they want to go. We should be proud as an author if our story can drive children's wild imagination.
Some authors of this type of fiction are HC Andersen, the Grim Brothers, and so on.
3. Fabels: Fictions with animals as the characters.
The kind of fiction will be more attractive with animal pictures as the character as the visualisation of the story. They are written in order to introduce children to animals world.
I have written severeal of this kind. Walt Disney is famous for making fabels. One of the famous author in Indonesia is Renny Yaniar (Ms. Kesumawijaya).
4. Contemporary Story: It's a combination of "reality story" and "miracle story". One of spectaculer story I've ever read is Pipi Si Kaus Kaki Panjang. It inspired me to write such kind of story.
5. Other types of fictions.
In Indonesia there are stories such as chronicle, Panji stories, etc. Some people state that Rome/Greek myths are also fiction.

Some tips in writing fiction:
1. Determine the type of the fiction for example: whether is it fabel or fairy tale.
2. Think the setting (place and time). To enrich Indonesian fictions/suggest to take the setting in Indonesia. It is easier because there are so many beautiful cultural background to adopt in Indonesia.
3. Then make the story plot and something to emphasize (not a must).
4. More over, to novice writer, pay a great attention to the grammar the punctuation mark, and so on. The book about grammar and the punctuation mark is cheap and easily found in the book store. :)

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Friday, February 22, 2008

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