Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Congratulations My Friends!

Today, I only wanted to congratulate friends that his text was contained, good in the newspaper or in the magazine.

May this become the addition of the spirit for other friends that his text was not yet contained.

Once again, continue to the spirit and stayed working!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The joke became the idea of the Short Story

One of my friends who became the writer tells about how he wrote a short story that his idea was taken from a joke.

An obesity sufferer consulted to the doctor about the method of reducing the weight. After hearing the explanation, the doctor gave the patient one tin was full contained the pill.

"Doctor, This is a great number How many items of the pill that must I drank daily?”

"This medicine not for you drank."

"How I used if this pills not to be drunk?" Ask the surprised patient.

"Each morning when getting up, spread this pill on the previous floor was picked up by you came back one by one."


Heard this anecdote would?

So, from this anecdote the idea the daughter's story Marsha emerged in the head. With the ATM method (Amati Tiru Modifikasi) or Observed Copied Modification, the anecdote I the modification and developed, and no longer about obesity but about the lazy characteristics (That was the core this story).

So that the intact story was given by me the reason why the daughter Marsha lazy, that is: the only child, that in love his parents and had many attendants who prepared all of his requirements. To related rather long (in accordance with the page that was required), the description about the lazy characteristics the daughter, was presented by me in long orders that she delivered to his attendant until him still need not sound and only with the sign of the head nod or the wink.

Because of the theme generally fantasy, the leading figure of doctor, I modification became the palace healer. The necessary part rather think was to modify 'medicine' in the story. I thought simple, the lazy daughter because always was served, if all that served was not then he could eliminate the lazy characteristics. Like the long saying, could because normally. So, in the daughter's story Marsha Yang Manja, 'medicine/the ingredients' to expel the lazy characteristics of the daughter Marsha precisely must be drunk by people around it.

So, was easy not made a short story? Be enough to make use of jokes in and around us and made that as the theme related.

Happy writing

Saturday, August 21, 2010

America Processing, the Best Credit Card Processor

Some time before, one of my friends opened a rental of the car. This efforts opportunity was taken by him when he saw did not yet have rental of the car around his house.

My friend's efforts developed in a short time and he felt necessary to increase his service, especially concerning the payment system. That because of many of his consumers that wanted paid used credit card.

By chance I once browsing and read about a company that moved in the field merchant account provider. I also informed this website to my friend.

"What the name website that?" Ask my friend was curious.

"I read it in www.americaprocessing.com," I reply.

My friend at once accessed the internet and put the address website that was given by me. He felt he agreed with the service that was offered by America Processing. Moreover, at a cost of that was cheaper. After him read thoroughly, he also finally had pressed the "Apply Now" switch.

Currently, rental of the car belonging to my friend was increasingly developing after using the service from America Processing.