Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Creating a Script Story, Same As Making Aircraft

Create a novel that has hundreds or even thousands of pages, requiring hard work and efforts are tireless. Sometimes we are plagued by boredom, feeling tired and dispirited. To address the common problems in writing, there are some things you can do, namely:

Create an outline
Creating an outline before writing the story will help us in arranging each paragraph so that we do not get lost in the confusion when we left the post for a while. Outline also serves as a Rivet is a small but very important in the manufacture of an airplane. Imagine, if the aircraft was not equipped with rivets, the plane would fall out because no one connected with the properly.

Various Kinds Rivet
Make an outline with a variety of themes in it. Such as a rivet that has a different shape, like Rivet solid, semi-tubular Rivet, Blind Rivet, and so forth, you also need to be able to outline factors that have a funny, romantic, action, and others.

The spirit of writing a novel may be smoldering. However, we are human beings who still need a break. Do not force your body to work beyond his ability. Since, it will not make you finish the script you're writing, but it will make you end up in hospital because of illness.

Write back soon
If you feel tired, then you can take a break to give opportunities to your body and your brain to be refreshed. But, after the break and feel refreshed, get to write back. Do not let the comfort that you enjoy makes you forget your targets in writing.

Hopefully these little tips and tricks can be useful to you.

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